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Time Manipulation

  • Time Manipulation is an evolutive drum method that is both innovative and rooted in tradition.
  • Designed to work on coordination in a groove context, it makes it easy to approach many rhythmic formulas – from the most elementary to the most complex – in a realistic, progressive and systematic way.
  • It can be tackled by anyone with basic reading skills, and is intended to be studied up to university level.
  • A fine drum book to help you work on your coordination in a groove context.
  • Basic and polyrhythmic patterns in 4/4 and 12/8, rhythmic displacements, metric modulation, and much more!
Printed version available worldwide by clicking on this link.
eBook version available for download at Hudson Music.
Groove oriented drum method
  • serious and fun, innovative and progressive
  • allows you to develop your own creativity

The magic method to improve your coordination and musicality.

Print & ebook versions available Worldwide
  • 140 pages.
  • Sixty-eight 16-bar groove exercises.
  • 147 examples with mp3 audio files to download.
  • Dozens of cymbal ostinatos.
  • Thousands of possible rhythmic combinations.
  • Available in English or French.
Review in Modern Drummer, March 2019
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What they say about it!

It is a very well thought-out book. I really liked the examples of beats you used. It seems to give an immediate result without sounding technically overbearing. Great work! Joey Baron

Alain Rieder has carefully assembled and designed this collection of beats (with various accompanying ostinatos), and it's suitable for drummers of most every level. As an adjunct to a musical course of study, I can recommend it. Peter Erskine

I find that Alain's book "Time Manipulation" can help in many different areas such as reading, coordinated independence and phrasing. Used as a tool in a complete organized practice routine, I recommend it. Dave Weckl

When I immersed myself in the pages written by Alain Rieder, I quickly realized that the book was worthy of the greatest interest. Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine

Fun, inspiring, and educational Modern Drummer Magazine (USA), 2019

The material is sophisticated, precise, highly informative and very musical. Drums & Percussion Magazine (D), 2019

These practice-oriented contents were already up-to-date in 1992, and they have remained so to this day. It is very good that this classic textbook is now being published in an extended new edition.Sticks Magazine (D), 2018

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New books in project

  • Melodic Possibilities : A book in two volumes, to help develop advanced rhythmic ideas in the most musical way. In 12/8, 3/2, 6/8, 3/4, 4/4, 5/8 and 7/8.

  • Time Manipulation Vol 2 will present displaced polyrhythmic patterns, 3/4 patterns, an inovative approach to 5/8 patterns and probably 7/8 as well. Many ideas that I've had over the years and that didn't make it in the first volume of Time Manipulation.

  • Time Initiation is my book for beginners or drummers who need to review the basics in a good way. It already exists and I use it with my own students, but it still lacks most of the instructions that I give during lessons. I plan to make it available to the public, after rewriting it.

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